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Public Comments Response Report

In response to thousands of public comments filed as part of the environmental review of the Ajax Project, KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. prepared this report.

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KAM has contracted an independent consultant to prepare plain language summaries of key chapters in the Application/EIS, which can be found here:

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We've Listened

We have heard from many of our neighbours in Kamloops who have stated concerns. We have addressed these.

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Project Information

We have put together information on the Ajax Project for those who want to know more about our proposition.

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Let us know of your support for the Ajax Mine in Kamloops. Your information and support is important to us and our efforts.

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With 21st-Century Technology Ajax Will Redefine Mining

In the past, environmental scientists had, at best, a limited role in the mine planning process. Today, mine planning is driven by environmental study, with engineers and environmental scientists working hand-in-hand.

Modern mines carefully place their facilities to reduce impacts, not just to achieve operational efficiency.

Mines used to be built with little, if any, regard for how they were closed. Today, mines are planned from the start so they can be safely and sensitively closed.

Modern mines do not wait to begin reclamation. Reclamation starts right away, with full bonding in place so that funds are always available.

Today, rigorous standards are continually upheld and enforced by regulatory agencies.

Life is Good in Kamloops

Our Commitment to the Air We Share

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Not only will Ajax meet all applicable standards for ambient air quality, we are committed to helping Kamloops meet its airshed management goals.

Ajax is not building a smelter. We will ship “concentrate” (a sand/clay mixture with about 25 per cent copper) in enclosed tanker trucks. To control dust, our ore stockpile will be covered and we will use state-of-the art controls throughout our operations.

Ajax Will Meet Stringent Air Quality Standards

KGHM follows stringent standards regarding atmospheric emissions. Continuous investment in pollutant capture and filtration systems has brought tremendously positive results.

Robust Monitoring and Compliance

Measurements collected by weather stations will check the wind speed and direction as well as the temperature. Monitoring stations are part of the national air quality control system.

Maximized Water Recycling and Zero Discharge

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We are planning to operate a zero-discharge facility,meaning that no waste water will be discharged into the environment.

Less than 0.5 percent of water flowing through Kamloops Lake

The water required for mine operations amounts to less than 0.5% of the flow through Kamloops Lake during the winter low-flow period.

A Vibrant Contribution to Kamloops

Creating Jobs in Kamloops

Mining Creates Good-Paying Family Jobs

We expect to offer approximately 1,200 jobs during the mine’s two-year construction period and approximately 20 years of operations. Additionally, we are committed to hiring our employees locally, while identifying partnership opportunities with various education and training organizations and institutions to ensure the expertise required for our operations will be available.

More Than $500 Million in Estimated Tax Revenue

Creating Jobs in Kamloops

500 Jobs and Tens of Millions in Tax Revenue

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