Responsible Development

Environmental Assessment

In support of our commitment to Zero Harm, KGHM seeks to regularly communicate and enforce behaviours that support our core values. Our managers and supervisors conduct workplace inspections, encourage safety huddles, and promote front line-level hazard identifications and risk assessments. To ensure risk is reduced to the lowest conceivable level, we work jointly with our employees on a regular basis.

Our Zero Harm commitment extends to all facets of our operations. Through careful planning and practice, we aim to minimize the impact of our development operations and rehabilitate upon closure. We act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to exceed those requirements, both in spirit and in practice. Our employees and contractors are trained and held accountable to Zero Harm with a focus on continued improvement in environmental performance.

For more information about our commitment to the environment, please go to our Environmental Assessment website.

Section 11

As part of the Section 11 Order from the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO), KGHM Ajax Mine was required to submit a community consultation plan, in which they described how the project will meet the goals of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. This assessment process examined potential adverse effects that may occur. This project is the first time in BC’s history where a proponent was ordered to prepare a Community Consultation Plan.

Our Community Consultation Plan was accepted by the EAO and includes information dissemination and direct consultation in the following ways:

  • Hosting Community concern-specific workshops
  • Attending individual meetings
  • Providing information as required to the EAO-formed Community Advisory Group
  • Providing a Community Relations Centre and Community Relations staff so community members have a regular outlet where they can get more information about the project
  • Preparing written material, including a website, a blog and Facebook page, where community members can obtain project information
  • Offering site tours

Core Values

Zero Harm

Zero Harm

We are committed to Zero Harm for our employees, our communities, and the environment. We believe that the best mines are the safest mines.



We achieve Success Through Teamwork. We build trust, act with respect, and welcome constructive debate.

Results Driven

Results Driven

We are Results Driven and accountable for our results. We are skilled at problem solving and ready to take on new challenges to grow our company.



We take full responsibility for our actions and commitments. We keep our promises and establish long-term relationships with integrity. We build trust amongst our fellow employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.



We are Courageous. We are decisive, innovative, and forthright with one another.

Community Partnership

KGHM Ajax Mine is committed to community involvement by building strong and lasting partnerships. We are able to provide meaningful contributions that support existing programs or legacy events, assist with the development of new projects and enterprises, and invest in community enhancement and environmental sustainability programs.

KGHM International actively seeks community partnerships and consistently sponsors events, clubs, local businesses, community groups, local athletics, art initiatives and performances, as well as a variety of non-profit organizations.

Contribution Request Form

KGHM Ajax Mine strives to provide support to the community in which we operate. Please fill out our Contributions Guidelines and Request Form. All requests are reviewed individually, and due to the large volume of requests, we ask for your patience until we can respond to you at the earliest available time. Procedures and instructions for correct completion of the form are included in the document. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to view the sponsorship / donation guidelines.


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First Nations Partnership

KGHM Ajax is dedicated to developing respectful, transparent and lasting partnerships with local and regional First Nations. As the Ajax Project proceeds through the environmental assessment process, we will continue to consult and collaborate with local First Nations about our project, its design, and the potential impacts to traditional Aboriginal territories and practices.

Consultation is carried out in an open and transparent manner and KGHM Ajax continually strives to work on identifying and further understanding of Aboriginal interests in the project area. We will also continue to consult with local First Nations to identify measures to avoid or mitigate potential effects.

KGHM International acknowledges that the Ajax Project is located within traditional Secwépemc Nation (SSN) territory.

Click here for more details on First Nations Partnership