First Nations Partnership

Partnership History

In 2009, KGHM-Ajax Mining Inc. approached the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) to discuss the project and the regulatory processes involved. In January 2011, the Ajax Project became the first in BC’s history that was required to prepare a First Nations Consultation Plan. This order was made under a Section 11 Order from the BC EAO which determines the scope of the project, outlines which parts of the proposed project will be assessed, what effects will be considered in the assessment, and what action and activities the proponent is responsible for in the assessment.

KGHM International understands that the project could potentially have effects on Aboriginal interests, including established and potentially existing rights (including title) and available traditional use, traditional knowledge or other local knowledge of the Aboriginal groups and is committed to addressing these concerns through continued consultation.

KGHM International’s comprehensive research, assessment and analysis will include:

  • Identification of established or potentially existing Aboriginal rights (practices, traditions, or customs) that have been engaged in by Aboriginal groups in the past (particularly at the time of European contact at 1846) or are currently engaged in by the Aboriginal groups in the Project site, in the vicinity of, or in relation to the area of the Project.
  • Description of how the Project could potentially affect established or potentially existing Aboriginal rights including title.
  • Description of measures that could be used in the Project’s design or operation to avoid, mitigate or otherwise address those potential effects.
  • Description of opportunities for all or some of the potentially affected established or potentially existing Aboriginal rights, including title, to be engaged in elsewhere within the Aboriginal group’s asserted traditional territory. If provided or available, a description of the potentially affected Aboriginal group’s views as to whether these practises would still be meaningful if engaged in elsewhere within the traditional territory.

First Nations Consultation Plan

To ensure that Aboriginal groups, and specifically the “First Nations” and “First Nations Working Groups” are engaged in a manner that is effective and respectful of each groups engagement and consultation preferences, a First Nations Consultation Plan has been created. The purpose of this Consultation Plan is to describe the proponent’s intended process for consultation activities with First Nations. This plan will:

  • Identifies potentially affected First Nations for consultation
  • Provides a summary of consultation activities to date
  • Identifies a proposed consultation schedule
  • Identifies protocols and policies that will govern consultation activities moving forward


Consultation and negotiations with the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN) began in 2008 and are ongoing. The following agreements have been signed:

  • Negotiation Agreement - 2008
  • Advanced Exploration Agreement - 2010
  • Study Funding Agreement (Cultural Heritage Study) - 2012
  • Memorandum of Understanding – 2012
  • Capacity Funding Agreement (CFA) - 2014