KGHM International Ajax Project is committed to building strong, open and transparent relationships with the communities in which we operate. We are committed to making a positive difference in the community, seeking to improve social and economic circumstances through meaningful contributions to our local communities, community involvement and consultation, support and development of local programs.

We believe in doing our part through donations and sponsorships to, and partnerships with, viable groups and organizations in the BC Region, particularly Kamloops. We encourage and contribute to those who share the Ajax goal of making a difference in local and regional communities. Our philosophy is to support in a matter that will “pay it forward” for the future.

Eligible Applications:

  • Programs for or contributing to the stability, development, and/or empowerment of children
  • Programs assisting citizens with personal growth, continued learning and access to education
  • Programs that assist with enhancing the physical and mental health research and services in the community
  • Programs that enhance the community through art and culture
  • Organizations willing to work in a charitable way to achieve greater sustainability for the community
  • Events that bring people into the area to contribute to the local economy
  • Organizations willing to establish partnerships to reach a larger charity target
  • Programs that are consistent with the community and KI Ajax priorities and have a broad impact on the future of Kamloops and the BC Region


  • Financial, food or other charitable contributions to individuals or families
  • For profit organizations, unless it is a partnership to assist in support of a program or event for the enhancement of community
  • Direct donations to Religious Organizations
  • Direct donations to Political Parties or Platforms
  • Programs, Events, or Organizations that discriminate in any way

Additional Considerations:

  • We prefer to receive requests at least 30 days prior to the event. All requests will be considered but more time allows us the opportunity to decide the best option for KI Ajax as well as the group requesting
  • First consideration will be to the Kamloops area, followed by the Thompson-Nicola Region and then province of British Columbia
  • Multi-year sponsorship pledges will be limited to two (2) years to allow for consideration of budget changes and other sponsorship opportunities
  • Applicants may request funding more than once in a calendar year, however any requests follow the initial funding will only be eligible after other applicants have been considered
  • Donations are NOT automatically renewed or assumed. Each submission is evaluated as a first time request and will not be approved based on prior year participation

How to Apply:

Requests for donations, sponsorships, or partnerships must be in writing, preferably on event or organization letterhead, and submitted via fax, email or hand delivered to:

KGHM International - Ajax Project
330 Seymour St.
Kamloops, BC V2C 2G2
F: 250-374-5443

Requests should include the following:

  • Application
  • Name of the event or organization
  • Contact person as well as address, telephone number, and email address
  • Date and description of the event including a brief history as well as who is the end beneficiary
  • Sponsorship Packet including levels with a description of what is received with each level

Only one copy of the request is necessary. Additional copies will be discarded. You will receive a follow-up for more information or an answer to your request within two weeks from the date we receive it.